2 – 3 Years

Our Senior Practitioner for children 2 year old – 3 year olds.

Our 2-3 Years Leader is Jess Dickinson. Jess  has been in Early Years Learning for 8 years. She has a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in child care and matters relating to it. This room is always full of laughter and fun as Jess leads the children in their learning in an interactive, imaginative and child led manner for this nursery in Warrington.

“I love to see the children in my care enjoying themselves. We are often found covered in paint, glitter and sand which is a great sign because that means we are having lots of fun!” – Jess

For children aged 2 years, life  is a world of discovery as they transition from the baby stage to becoming more independent on their journey to being a pre-schooler and then the move to big school. As a nursery in Warrington, we encourage relationship between parents and your child’s key worker and at this age your child may start to have a change of routine from what they have had over the last 2 years, we want to work with you as a family to facilitate the routines they have at home and work with any changes as they grow in this year.

Our commitment to you is that we will be an extension of your family and you can have full confidence that your child is being cared for and having fun, in a way that you would want.

Life is to be enjoyed and here at First Choice Nursery Warrington we make sure that your child will grow, learn and develop all while having fun.