3 – 4 Years (Pre-School)

Our Pre School Room Leader

Carol is our Pre School Room Leader and is a fully qualified teacher and has been in teaching for over 20 years in primary schools, special needs schools and early years learning. Carol has extensive knowledge and experience in this age group and level of learning, your child will thrive and have lots of fun with Carol as their teacher. This year prepares your child for all the things they need to know for mainstream school, while they are still in the happy and familiar child care setting they are used to. This breeds confidence in them and they are ready to take on the next chapter of their lives at Primary School.

The Pre School Room is a world of discovery and learning, everyday is a new adventure with friends. Carol will support and work with your child to get them ready for their move from First Choice Nursery Warrington to big school. To do this we implement maths, mark making and literacy skills into their day to day activities, whilst encouraging their understanding, creativity and physical needs. We make all our activities fun for the children and work with each child’s particular interests to enable them to work to the best of their ability and enjoy what they are learning. There is always lots of fun to be had learning with Carol!

As a nursery, a relationship with parents is important to us while we work in partnership with you to prepare your child for an exciting transition and preparation for ‘Big School’.

You can have full confidence that your child is being cared for and having fun in a way that you would want.

Life is to be enjoyed and here at First Choice Nursery Warrington, we make sure that your child will grow, learn and develop all while having fun.